Follow Friday Folks!

I must admit that I'm hooked on Twitter and my iPhone. They really do go hand in hand. It's taken hold of me only a few months after prodding from a certain someone who started my addiction. On a recent drive in downtown Toronto, my boss/friend Erica Ehm asks me in an not so innocent tone, "Did I get you started on Twitter?" to which I replied, "Of course! Yes, you are to blame and thank you!" I guess there's worse habits to have and as of yet I have no inkling to shoo the little blue bird off my back. Twitter is a great way to network and the potential for tweet-ups is a bonus. I can't tell you how many new real friends I've made from following the members of The Yummy Mummy Club! Someone once tweeted, "Facebook is for your old friends and Twitter is for your new friends."
If you're on Twitter - and really, who isn't nowadays - then you know about the Follow Friday trend. I don't know when it all started but it was way before I signed up for Twitter. A few days after joining I quickly realized that people were giving shout-outs to their favorite peeps to follow and suggesting them to others. The tweet reads like #FF or #FollowFriday and the @Name for the person or list of people you want to recommend to others. As you might guess this sort of thing can get out of hand and it can cause some hurt feelings for those who are left off the #FF lists. If you follow quite a few people and don't have time to post #FF tweets all day then there has to be a better way, right? Recently, YMC editor/gal pal Sharon gave me a great idea when she posted a #FollowFriday video on her blog. I decided to list my faves and a few details why you should follow these folks. Sometimes 140 characters just doesn't cut it! So below is my list of peeps with sweet tweets! I will be adding to this list from time to time so keep this in mind. Please RT (re-tweet) and if you have anyone you'd like to suggest just add then in the comments! To follow me just see: @YMCbookalicious

Yummy Mummy Club Bloggers to #FF
@YummyMummyClub ~ Erica Ehm or Queen Yummy Mummy. So much flare and finesse, she's just the best!
@SharonDV ~ multitasking mom who's tweets can makes you cry or pee, seriously.
@Journeywoman ~ Follow this woman for retreat tweets that can't be beat.
@YMCbuzz ~ social networking's best butterfly.
@RachealMc ~ too much talent and so little time.
@cbernardi ~ tweets the terrific tunes.
@MoeTurner ~ fabulosity and fun all rolled into one.
@kellidaisy ~gossip girl and all around great gal.
@PartyMummy ~ super smarty that like to party hearty.
@earnestgirl ~ earnest and honest.

YMC Mompreneurs to #FF

@CandaceDx ~ she's got the tools for success.
@JulieCole ~ supermom beyond compare.
@graceannounce ~ multitasking maven.

Writers and Bookish Types to #FF

@MargaretAtwood ~ do I need to say anything more?
@SideShowAmi ~ awesome author of The Birth House. Can't wait for her next novel!
@LiseFunderburg ~ wonderful author of Pig Candy and OMG, she knows Oprah!
@KathyBuckworth ~ super author of The BlackBerry Diaries. She's real and has nerves of steel.
@Literalicious ~ super sweet, smart and she sleeps with books.

Bloggers and Navel-gazers to #FF

@seeJillrun ~ can't beat her tweets or her super fast feet
@bitofmomsense ~ sensible, sweet, yet sassy!
@littlemissmocha ~ feisty and fun
@qt_pie1602 ~ me oh my sweet as pie!
@Boredmommy ~ super smart and an honest heart
@caffeinated_mom ~ gal who brings the good goods
@those2girls ~ great gals who love to wear tiaras

Creative and Artsy Types to #FF

@CLBuchananPhoto ~ too much talent and so little time! iPhone addict? Follow her!
@JannArden ~ witty and silly - what's not to like?
@Metro4 & @jmercer5 ~ one in the same and on the way to fame

Btw, I'm not done - there's plenty more twits to come!