Multitasking Mom Mourns Mistake

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. Do you consider yourself a multitasking mom? Is your work load taking up too many hours of your day? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your busy routine? Do you either feel stressed or numb most of the time? Are you overinvesting yourself and taking on too much? Are you sleep deprived and sleep walking through your day? Do you find it hard to wind down and may need sedatives or alcohol to relax? Do you feel as if you are spending too much time with your computer or smart phone? Are you letting some things slip through the cracks like commitments to family or friends? Do you question your priorities? Do you feel you may need to reprioritize your life and put your family first for a change? Can you imagine a terminally ill person looking back on their life wishing they had spent more time at work? I doubt it! Sometimes it takes a wake up call to alert us overwhelmed moms and teach us a lesson about changing our priorities in life. If you want to hear a heart wrenching story that serves as a word of warning from a Mom who got her wakeup call too late then visit this Oprah link. For more stories go to
Here's to putting family first!